Danny Christopher

Kamila Mlynarczyk


Kamila is an Ontario-based artist that hates good quality pencil crayons, paints with coffee, and generally enjoys portraits of poop. She made a name for herself with her horror-inspired art dolls. Her fresh, if gruesome, creations have been showcased internationally and she has garnered a sizeable online following. Kamila has always worked in various mediums, but over the past five years she has been what she terms “relearning how to draw” and drawing relentlessly. I can be myself when everyone I know is dead… follows her personal and public (through her online presence) journey from art dolls through re-learning how to draw, to absurd character studies, to fully realized story-scenes.

To Kamila, nothing fictional can ever be as frightening or f**ed up as reality, and so much of her inspiration comes from the real world. She strives to depict the most terrible things in a sympathetic light, and in that way they become more beautiful than reality, more light-hearted than realistically possible, and through their relatability they gain a sense of catharsis. Also, they are hilariously irreverent.