Eye of Newt Books

56 Edith Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M4R 1C3

If you have any questions about purchasing, distribution, sales, interviews, marketing,
and promotions please email: info@eyeofnewtpress.com.


Please read the guidelines below carefully to avoid ineligibility and to maximize your chances of working with us. In general, there are three golden rules that you should follow:

  1. Know what you want from us. You should have a specific type of work collaboration in mind when you submit work to us. Please ensure your pitch is something that we actually do.
  2. Be clear and concise. We have to sift through a lot of submissions, so please try to be clear and to the point in your pitch (main body email), whatever it may be. If you have a long manuscript or a completed picture book – that is fine, please send it as an attachment. Your email should provide us with a brief summary and overview of your project information so that we can quickly review the pitch before delving into the main body of work.
  3. Look at what we do. Look at our body of work and think, does what I want to pitch fit in with the Eye of Newt canon of works? Does it fit into one of their series? Even if it is something we have never done before, if you think your project is in line with our core values as a publisher, submit whatever you want!

If you think your submission fits into Eye of Newt’s publishing mandate, please follow these technical guidelines when submitting. Please note, we are only accepting digital submissions for many reasons including space, eco-friendliness, and efficiency.

  • Ensure any attachments contain your name in the file (i.e. "leigh-smith_1.jpg").
  • Pitch/email body should contain a brief introduction to yourself highlighting relevant professional and publishing experience and any links you’d like to share.
  • Only send one email per project please. If the files you wish to attach are too large for one email, note that more files are available upon request.
  • Please make sure any images attached to your pitch are small enough to be sent.
  • Please make sure to provide your contact details, including your phone number so that we can contact you if we need to.
  • Children’s Titles: For board book and picture book submissions, please include an elevator pitch as well as an attachment of the complete draft of the text.
  • Adult Titles: For older audience submissions, please include an elevator pitch, character/creature sketches if applicable, a table of contents if applicable, and at least 2 drafted chapters of your proposed book.
  • Series: If you have a title that would fit into one of our series, please pitch it that way!
  • For author/illustrators or author and illustrator duos, please include at least 2 completed spreads of your proposed book along with rough sketches of the remaining spreads.

When your submission is ready, please email it to info@eyeofnewtpress.com. We are a small team and we do receive a fair number of submissions, so we regret that we are unable to respond to every submission individually.

Thank you for your interest in Eye of Newt Books.