I can be myself when everyone I know is dead...

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Kamila is a cornucopia of dreadfulness. Her works at once beautiful and terrible, each piece like being tickled by Death’s cold little fingers, every bewitching creation a world I want to know more about.

Welcome to the art and mind of Kamila Mlynarczyk (better known as @WoodedWoods). This book houses a collection of Kamila’s art created from 2017 – 2019 and charts her progression through illustration art. She describes her fascinating creative process and many of the inspirations behind her countless creepy, unsettling, yet poignant (and often hilarious) sketches.

The writing describes the rhyme and reason behind why everyone needs a little snail friend, why cute poops make this world a better place, and why werewolves always hesitate before devouring the sacrificial girl-child. To Kamila, nothing fictional can ever be as frightening as reality, and so much of her inspiration comes from the right here and now...


Creator: Kamila Mlynarcyk

ISBN: 9781777081782

Details: 200 pages, full colour art books with photos, illustrations, and even one post-it note (see if you can spot it!)