Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts eBook (Digital Download)

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"Packed with lore, history, and beautiful illustrations, Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts is an indispensable registry of everything that lurks in the shadows, glides just beneath the surface, or goes bump in the night. I love it!"

— Todd Lockwood

Upon the dramatic landscape of Wales there have been born many creatures and beings of legend. This lushly illustrated guide delves into the dragons, beasts, fair folk, and spirits of Wales. Tales become blended and one with history, and this history meets illustration with Rowynn Ellis’ rich renderings of these creatures. This new edition includes a Welsh language guide so that each of the creatures might be known by their original Welsh names. Ellis aims to re-introduce the beasts of Welsh myth and legend to the world and bring a touch of Wales to your shelves. Part of the Wool of Bat series focused on the preservation and promotion of folklore and oral history from around the world.


Creator: Rowynn Ellis

ISBN: 9781738124619

Series: Wool of Bat

Details: Digital download, fixed layout eBook edition, full colour illustrations throughout, includes map