Gwelf: The Survival Guide

  • $34.95

"Larry MacDougall has done that thing—created a fantasy world that is completely believable, super charming, and more than a little bit dangerous. I love it so much. I want to wander around in it but wouldn'want to get caught alone in it after dark."

— Mike Mignola

We welcome and encourage tourists of all kinds in Gwelf. The survival guide will tell you what to expect, what equipment to pack, who to trust and hire as a guide, and where to rest for the night in Gwelf. 

Let Larry MacDougall's Gwelf sweep you away to a land steeped in magic, mystery, and adventure.  

Creator: Larry MacDougall

ISBN: 9781777081737

Details: 182 pages, full colour illustrations throughout, fold-out map, sketchbook section and travel journal note pages as back matter