Gwelf: Into the Hinterlands

  • $34.95

Dear adventurer,

It is our belief that this is one of the most important texts you will read should you plan to adventure in Gwelf. Once more our dear Wilburton sets off on adventure in Gwelf, but this time he ventures into the North into the territory of the Ravens. As adventures often do, this voyage strays from it's original path and this book details our hero's survival. Wilburton embarks on research, off-road trekking through the Farm- and Scrublands, and hails at Border Fort XI where he first sets paw outside Sparrowkind's territory.

Research is all well-and-good, dear adventurer, it is in experience that true wisdom lies. Wilburton, accompanied by a guide, a scout, a medic, and an exorcist encounters the wilds of the North and it's inhabitants, the Rats and Ravens of the Boreals. If you plan to voyage beyond the Border Forts, we beseech you to scour this text for within it may lie the key to your own survival...

Creator: Larry MacDougall

ISBN: 9781777791858

Details: 130 pages, full colour illustrations throughout, full colour illustrated endpapers, sketchbook section as back matter, with a prussian blue ribbon to hold your place.