Ghosts Are People Too

  • $17.95

"Peter Ricq's "Ghosts Are People Too" is a gorgeous book that brings to mind the best of Edward Gorey. Filled with stunning artwork and a charming story, it is a sincere, beautiful, and imaginative love letter to the gothic and bizarre." 

— David Gallaher (High Moon)


Drawing on the very root of storytelling: explaining the unexplainable, Ethan Alby, a ghost who lives among us "spooky living people" genuinely wants to be friends. Charming and tongue-in-cheek text is paired with pointillism art giving the book a film noir meets Tim Burton mood and aesthetic. The book includes three extra short ghost stories, a list of equipment required for spotting and documenting ghosts, and note-taking pages so that young "spooky living people" might take note and delight in having a ghost in their house. 

Creator: Peter Ricq

ISBN: 9781777791803

Details: 44 pages, 8x8", pointillism art throughout