What Lurks in the Dark?

  • $11.95
Full of short, simple facts about creatures that lurk in the dark that will inform and delight babies, kids, and parents! 

Mysterious creatures roam the earth in the dark of night. Each animal has a unique ability Some use heightened senses to make their way in the night and some use the dark to their advantage. This book brings these creatures, rarely seen in the light of day, to full-colour life for little eyes and little hands so that exploring our landscapes at night can begin at even the earliest age. From the pangolin to the flying spaghetti monster, this beautifully illustrated, full-color non-fiction board book reveals the hidden world in the deepest depths. Part of Eye of Newt's Yikes! Discovery series, aimed to spark an early curiosity for the wonderful animals we share the planet with.


Author: Kelly Ward-Wills

Illustrator: Steve James

ISBN: 9781777791827

Details: 24-page board book, full-colour illustration throughout, science facts spread at end of book