The Garden Witch

  • $17.95

The Garden Witch is lonely, no one shops at her stall, no one visits her magical garden, and there is no one to talk to at all—except for the three evil rats she lives with. The rats will eat her if she upsets them, so she lives day in and day out the same until one evening she cries in her garden. In the morning she finds that the garden has grown her a little turnip boy, Mickey. The turnip boy with his charm and bum wiggling helps the witch refresh her stall and make friends in the community. The witch discovers her own power and with the help of Mickey, she turns the table on the rotten rats. 

Creator: Kyle Beaudette (Illustrator, Writer, Teacher) Kyle lives in Cornwall, Ontario where he teaches elementary school during the day and works obsessively on art projects at night. He loves creating dark and humourous art. His watercolour and ink illustrations have been compared to the work of Tim Burton, Ronald Searle, and Quentin Blake. He also makes fantasy sculptures, and they're...weird. Kyle has two cats and one wife. The Garden Witch will be his inaugural publication and it is a delightful one that he hopes you enjoy.

ISBN: 9781777791841

Details: casebound, 32-page, picture book